Sirius Scan is an open-source, general-purpose vulnerability scanning tool that helps you identify and manage security risks in your network infrastructure.

Discover, Assess, and Remediate

Sirius Scan

A Tactical Vulnerability Scanner. One Dedicated To You, The Operator.

Actionable Vulnerabilities

Actionable Vulnerabilities

Understand systems, work through vulnerabilities, and take action.

Interacting with vulnerabilities is a core security practice. Your vulnerability scanner should make it easy to take action on your findings. Sirius Scan allows you to quickly exclude vulnerabilities from systems or even entire engagements so that you can focus on what matters most.

Vulnerability Discovery and Remediation (VDR)

Don't be passive, hunt down vulnerabilities wherever they may be.

With its powerful agent Sirius Scan makes interacting with vulnerabilities a breeze. Are you looking to script specialized discovery? How about automate validation? Exploitation? Sirius Scan has you covered.

Vulnerability Discovery and Remediation (VDR)
Modular Scanning Engine

Modular Scanning Engine

Your favorite scanners, plus one, then enhanced!

The Sirius Scan engine is modular and integrates with the best open source scanners including Rustscan, Nmap Scripting Engine and Nuclei. Sirius also includes its own customizable scanner, Howl.

Your Vulnerability Database should work for you. With VulnerabilityGPT it can!

The Sirius Vulnerability Database (SVDB) is powered by generative AI using VulnerabilityGPT. Through deep programmatic analysis vGPT is able to overcome most hallucination problems and arrives upon the most modern and accurate vulnerability database in the world.

Vulnerability GPT Screenshot

Artificial Intelligence is a game-changer for many open source projects. For Sirius Scan it is through VulnerabilityGPT that we are able to produce more detailed vulnerability reporting than major commercial organizations such as Rapid7 and Tenable.

Effortless Setup and Powerful Usability
Ease of UseSirius Scan features a user-friendly interface and easy setup, allowing you to start scanning your network for vulnerabilities quickly and efficiently.
DocumentationComprehensive documentation helps you get started with Sirius Scan and guides you through its various features and capabilities.
CommunityAs an open-source project, Sirius Scan is backed by an active community of security professionals and developers who continuously work on enhancing the tool.

Unlock the potential of Sirius Scan today!

Sirius Scan

Empowering Cybersecurity, One Scan at a Time.

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